This part of the webpage is in English as Medac Scandinavia would like to initiate collaboration discussions with national as well as international actors.


Medac Scandinavia has a successful history of commercializing a range of pharmaceutical products based on both in-house development and external partnerships. We are constantly looking for suitable additions to the current portfolio to leverage our well-established commerical platform in the Scandinavian markets.

What we offer
We offer our partners an opportunity to benefit from our experience and competencies to commercialize therapeutics in the Scandinavian markets. This spans from late-stage development and registration to logistics, marketing and sales within our areas of focus and expertise:

  • Autoimmune
  • Uro-oncology
  • Hemato-oncology
  • Neurosurgery

What we are looking for
Medac Scandinavia is looking for partnerships through licensing agreements, co-promotion, co-development models or other collaborative agreements that can add value to our current portfolio and that make a difference for patients within our focus areas.

Contact us
We are interested in learning more about your proposal for collaboration.
Please contact General Manager Henrik Fenger for all partnering queries.