Press Release

Approval of Medac MTX Pen for the treatment of Crohn’s disease in EU

Treatment of CIBD now easier with methotrexate in auto-injector

New: metoject® PEN approved for treatment of Crohn’s disease in Europe

Wedel (26. July 2017). Medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH has announced that methotrexate has been approved for treatment of Crohn’s disease with immediate effect in a pre-filled pen, the metoject®/metex® PEN (Metojectpen®) 50 mg/ml solution for injection.1 The auto-injector makes it easier to administer subcutaneous methotrexate (MTX), the use of which is established in rheumatological and dermatological treatment, and thus helps to ensure patient compliance.

Apart from the auto-injector, Medac provides a pre-filled syringe with MTX (i.e. metoject®/metex®) an as well patient-oriented pharmaceutical form that is approved for gastroenterology treatment.

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